Friday, January 18, 2013

High Five for Friday

Hello!!! I'm linking up for High Five for Friday again!

one: Silver Linings Playbook has FINALLY made it's way to East Texas. I'm pumped, to say the least. According to Google, it's been out since September and I've been dying to see it. So hopefully later today or at the latest, tomorrow, I will be seeing it!
two: Nappy hates socks. He tried to eat them off my mom's foot the other night. It was funny when he wasn't attacking me.
three: My iPhone told me I was in St Louis the other day. I had no idea I had even left Texas!
four: I started a new book! After talking to Macie Tuesday night/Wednesday morning about Pretty Little Liars from earlier that evening, we started talking books. She recommended Beautiful Creatures and the Maze Runner series! Since Creatures is coming out in theaters next month, I decided to read it first! I'm already a quarter of the way through it after reading two nights. You can tell it's written for teenagers, but the story itself is good.
five: Starting a new book means I finally finished the fourth Game of Thrones book!

What are you high fiving Friday for?

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