Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breakfast Ideas... Anyone?

I love breakfast. I have been known on occasion to eat it for every meal of a given day. It's delicious.

The problem is that when I eat breakfast for breakfast I eat crap. The best breakfast for breakfast I eat is probably my Cinnamon Toast Crunch (judge me all you want, but you know it's delicious!) and organic milk (I love Horizon!).
Anyone else guilty of cracking up at these ads?

The past few days, though, the rest of the morning leaves me feeling sluggish which carries through the rest of the day. I've been trying to make the conscious decision to eat "better," but this week has failed miserably. I've gone to bed feeling bloated and just generally uncomfortable. I know how I can make lunches and dinners better, but I'm just at a loss for breakfast.

I wake up hungry so it needs to be something relatively easy(ish) to fix. Oh and I'm super picky. I tried oatmeal a few weeks ago. The flavor was delicious (Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Oats), but the texture was... not so yummy. Shudder-inducing shall we say? I'm not normally a huge texture person, but that was just not ok.

Anyway, I'm wondering what you kids out in blogger world eat for breakfast that's quick, easy, filling, and delicious!


Michelle Nelson said...

Eggs! You can make egg and English muffin sandwiches with bacon, you can bake a big egg casserole and then cut off a piece each morning to heat up! It's filling and tastes good!

Julie said...

Do you like Raisin Bran? That's my go-to healthy (but still tasty) cereal of choice! I'm also a fan of toast with peanut butter. I've actually been good about eating breakfast these days!