Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That Time I...

Remember that time I finished one of my five grad school apps two weeks before it was due and felt super accomplished?

Remember that time I forgot to answer part of the app and probably won't get in now because I'm dumb?


Cool. That happened and I am SUPER embarrassed. Like, I want to rescind my app to this school because I know I'm smarter than that.

So now I'm just really embarrassed. I'm 24 and a half years old and know how to read and write but clearly I looked right over this part of my application and just felt it unnecessary to answer.

Someone make me feel better and tell me they've done something terribly embarrassing like this before... Maybe not necessarily grad school apps, but something equally important. And reassure me that I'll get into one of the other four schools I'm applying to and I'm smart. K thanks.

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