Friday, December 21, 2012

High Five for Friday!


It's Friday, y'all! AND it's the Friday before Christmas!!! Yayyyyy!

Tonight my bestie is have an End of the World/Tacky Christmas/White Elephant party at her apartment and I've been diligently crafting my sweater (it's really a sweatshirt) since yesterday afternoon. It's pretty awesome and I can't wait to show it off (don't worry, I'll post a picture of it tomorrow)!

Cold weather made its way back to Texas! I think it's supposed to be in the 50's on Christmas Day which will be nice. Not too cold, but definitely not hot. I hate when it's hot on Christmas and I can't enjoy my TCU Marry Christmas Y'all t-shirt and any next PJs that could be waiting for me under the tree.

For tonight's party, I'm making these sausage balls. I made them for our Super Bowl party in February and they're SOOOO good! They're a pain in the ass to make (mainly because I don't have a Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer... Sorry I was day dreaming about said mixer's awesomeness), but they're amazeballs delish.

Since it's the last week before Christmas, I got lots of fun goodies yesterday at work (and today when I went in for some trial contacts... I only have 3 pair left and my order isn't in yet). I love the people I work with. They're so much fun and so nice.

Last night, seester and I went on a dinner date. It was so much fun. Gotta love sister dates!

And a bonus: The shortest day of the year is over!!! The days start getting long again! I really don't like when it gets dark at 5 pm. It's so depressing...

What are you high fiving Friday for this week?


Kenz2410 said...

I've made those sausage balls before too. Delicious!

Julie said...

Happy almost Christmas!

Completely agree about wanting the days to be longer... it's so depressing to leave work and it's already dark outside!