Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm linking up again for Friday's Letters!

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Dear GRE, I really hope you're not as hard as I feel like you are/should be. I really suck at your math and it's bringing me down.

Dear Kaplan GRE Prep book, you are my new BFF. I have learned so much from you already. I just hope I can retain it all.

Dear Gabby Douglas, you are beyond presh and SOOO talented. You have renewed my obsession with gymnastics.

Dear Aly Raisman, in another life, when I come back as a gymnast, I want to be you. That's all.

Dear Olympics, thank you for making everyone feel ridiculously patriotic. Also, China can suck it because we're beating them in the medal count (total AND gold!). USA USA USA!!!

Dear 2012, it's August. How'd that happen?

Dear Will Ferrell, you are hilarious. Thank you for the COUNTLESS laughs you've provided me and my friends. I can't wait to see The Campaign next weekend. If you don't know, he's VERY upset about K-Stew and R-Patts.

Join these great link ups and have a wonderful weekend!

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Nicholl Vincent said...

Gabby and Aly flat out rock!

Have a great week ahead! Drop by and say hello!