Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Monday

I realized last night that I never did a Music Monday last week! To be fair, Nappy was sick last week, so I was probably highly distracted by his tummy problems. Anyway, I thought this week I'd do some Disney favorites in honor of Beauty and the Beast hitting theaters in 3D this weekend!

I know Jordin Sparks redid this a few years ago, but if they don't play the Celine version during the credits, I will be very upset. Nothing should be changed except for the fact that it's 3D. Don't screw this up, Disney.

One of the best Disney songs ever. I mean, really, it's awesome.

Hercules probably has the best overall soundtrack of Disney animated movies...

Love love love.

And since B&tB is coming out this weekend, I thought I'd add another song from it. One of my all time favorite Disney songs! Should be pretty kick a-- in 3D, right?

What are your favorite Disney songs?

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