Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Away from Home

Tomorrow I drive southwest for 7 hours to get to my home away from home. I get to see the sun set every night. I get to see just about every star in the sky every night. I get to live without air conditioning. I get to wake up thirteen 16-year-old girls every morning (still need some music suggestions). I get to make sure the 16-year-olds put the flag up after breakfast and take it down after dinner every day. But more importantly, I get to recharge for a month. Get away from real life for the most part (I will have small amount of internet and iphone access while there - very small).

The view from the archery range where I'll spend most of my days telling small campers not to shoot each other and small animals.

My camera doesn't do the sunsets justice.

Jealous yet?

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