Friday, May 13, 2011

Favorite Friday

This week's favorite is SURPRISES!

I honestly didn't have a favorite for today until about 3 hours ago when I was at a "dinner" for Chad and Lindsay, the wedding I was supposed to be in in September. Well, the now Mr. and Mrs. pulled one over on us and got married tonight! It was slightly insane, but oh so very cool and totally them! So happy to have been a part of their spontaneous wedding (although not so for them) and can't wait to see where their lives as a married couple takes them!

Times like this are why you should always remember to charge your camera's battery and bring it with you, but be thankful that Steve Jobs created the iPhone...

Also, note to self: Think of something cute and creative for the guests to do for the guestbook! Lindsay and Chad had a sweet painting of love birds in a tree. The guests' thumb prints make the leaves and they're framing it in their apartment. How cute is that?!

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