Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Girl Dolls

Once upon a time (you know when they did NOT retire dolls, I mean really who does that?), there were these beautiful toys called American Girl Dolls. They were gorgeous. I remember the first time I played with one. My then best friend had all but one and naturally, like all the other girls in love with these dolls, we both gravitated toward Samantha. Each doll was growing up in/represented girls from a historic time in American History. Samantha was from the Victorian era and has beautiful curly brown hair and was very fashionable. Clearly, I needed to have them all. My first American Girl was the "Just Like You," aka "Girl of Today," (or whatever they're calling it these days) doll that you/your parents design to look like you. I got her for my 9th birthday - perfect. However, the "Just Like You" dolls weren't quite as cool as the actual historical dolls and quickly I began a plan to acquire them all.

I mean, $80 for a pretty doll isn't so bad, right? Not from grandparents at Christmas anyway. That Christmas I got Felicity, the American Revolution girl, from my paternal grandmother and Molly, the World War II girl, from my maternal grandparents. Felicity was probably every girls' second favorite doll as it was a time before people's avoidances of gingers. Not to mention, 3rd/4th grade history classes totally teach us everything we need to know about Felicity's era. Each Christmas after, I received two more dolls. Even that one year they randomly added Josefina - who was also really pretty and had a great Christmas dress. My parents were responsible for random outfits here and there at Christmas and birthdays - I think I had almost all of their Christmas outfits because they were the cutest.

Anyway, today I came across this article about which American Girl Doll you got first and what it means about your personality. Since I got Felicity and Molly the same Christmas, I think I'm both (and totally agree with both, almost to a T), but according to this quiz, I'm a Molly (which isn't totally a bad thing despite how the author of the article feels).

Any girls out there remember their first American Girl doll? What did it say about your personality and does it apply?

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Julie said...

I LOVE this post! I never got an American Girl mom thought they were too expensvive. Like a year ago she said "You know, I really should have just given in and bought you one." Thanks a lot, Mom. : P
And my favorite was definitely Samantha!