Saturday, December 4, 2010

We'll Miss You, Amon G. Carter Stadium (of the past)

The implosion of the upper west side of TCU's stadium happens tomorrow at 8 am after our famed frog horn blows one final time in its home of the past. TCU has raised $105 M to renovate the 80 year old stadium. The west and south sides should be completed in time for the 2011 season, with the final product debuting in time for TCU's first season in the Big East in 2012. I thought it would be nice to chronicle a few highlights of the 5 seasons I've watched TCU play.

My first game was TCU vs. UC Davis. This was in the days I left before the fourth quarter had started, but it was definitely a W. Since it was our first game, TCU let the freshmen on the field to welcome the players. It was an awesome experience.

My first sold-out game happened when Texas Tech came to the Fort for Parents Weekend in a game with NO TDs - ALL field goals. It was insane. Another W for TCU, obviously.

My first homecoming game was against Wyoming (another win). Here's one of my favorite pictures from my four years at TCU.

Sophomore year was a year when I didn't go to a lot of games. That summer I had severe eye issues and standing in the student section (usually facing the sun) was just not what I called fun. Not to mention I just wasn't in Fort Worth many home game weekends (Rose Festival, a cousin's wedding/step-sister's birthday, etc). It was definitely the worst season (finishing 7-5) of TCU football while I was there.

My junior year was the first year the north end zone boxes were part of the stadium.

The Pink-Out game (or the first Frogs for the Cure not called Pink-Out) was a domination over BYU and my first time to stay through the entire game.

Senior year was the first undefeated season in 70 years. One of my amazing roomies was lucky enough to be on the color guard and go to the Fiesta Bowl with the team (TCU's first BCS berth).

I was also fortunate enough (please read sarcasm into this) to break my toe on the east side's stands at the Colorado State game. It was painful (an understatement), but it's a memory of my senior year I wouldn't give up (not to mention it's hilarious now and I left a piece of myself there). This picture is of the bolts holding up the stands on the east side, much like the bolts I broke my toe on, from Secrets of the Stadium.

Then there's the most amazing game I've ever been to: Utah at TCU, November 14, 2009. My second sold-out game. College GameDay was present. BCS bowl officials were present. Nike made us special uniforms. It was AWESOME. Here's the west side an hour and a half before kick off.

After the second half started. Still so full.

On the field at the end of the game looking at the final score.

My last game as a student was the last game of the 2009 regular season when the team won the Mountain West Conference.

In my first year of being an alum, I've been ridiculously proud to cheer on my Horned Frogs to another undefeated season starting at the new Cowboys Stadium and going 11-0 at home in AGCS's last game as is. This is my last shot of the west side as I'll always remember it.

It's been a fun 80 years, AGCS, the next 80 should be just was great! Go frogs!

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