Sunday, December 19, 2010

2011 Wish List

Although we still have a few days left of 2010, I've been thinking a lot about 2011. I can't believe 2010 is so close to ending! It went by ridiculously fast and I know 2011 will too, but before it does here are a handful of things I'm hoping will happen (some sooner than later).

A paycheck (and job, obviously)!

I'm hoping the job search will come to an end soon so I can begin my REAL life as a big-girl and end this pseudo big-girl life I've been living for the past several months. I know I'll miss it after I have to start really paying bills and paying attention to how much money really is in my bank account, but I've had a few months buffer between school and the next step and I think I'm ready. Bring on the big-girl lifestyle!

A TCU victory and the Rose Bowl!

After last year's Fiesta Bowl, I think our boys are more than ready to show the world TCU belongs in the conversation about the big boys. I've started referring to the Fiesta Bowl as our BCS practice round. I truly believe my horned frogs are going to bring it January 1st and give the Badgers a really good game.

A puppy!

I know the breed, coloring, and name of my future puppy. All that's left is to find a breeder and hope for the best. Of course, getting a puppy means getting a job and a big-girl apartment, so like I said, bring on the big-girl lifestyle!

A manfriend.

Ok, I really don't want to sound like a whiny, bitter single person, but a manfriend would be nice. I don't want a boyfriend because I'm tired of immature boys. No one too serious though. Hence, the manfriend. I don't necessarily need to meet "the one," but would the one before "the one" be so much to ask? Or even the one before the one before "the one."

And of course I want 2011 to be filled with many, many, MANY memories with my favorites!

Here's a toast to 2010 and the great memories.

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