Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 in Review

Well, today was my last full day in Texas of 2010. Tomorrow I head to California to spend the New Year cheering for my Frogs at the Rose Bowl! I don't know if y'all really know how excited I am for this! Since I'll be traveling most of tomorrow and busy sightseeing Friday (I'm hoping I have time for my Favorite Friday post, I already know what it is!), I thought I'd do a review of my year. It's been a crazy one and I hope 2011 is even more memorable than this!

I started my last semester as a college student! A dear friend of mine, Josh, proposed to his lovely girlfriend, Rachael, and her friends threw a surprise engagement party. If you knew Josh first you were to dress like a rockstar and if you knew Rachael first you were to dress like a Hippie. Such a cute idea! Here's Brigitte as Gwen Stefani, Sara, me as Hannah Montana, and Bry at the party.

We were graced with two of the best snow days Mother Nature ever bestowed upon TCU. Since we didn't have a single snow day first semester, her 14 inches in Fort Worth were a welcomed blessing. Here's me and my roomies in front of the good luck frog statue on campus.

March was somehow a short month for me; it went by in the blink of an eye. To start off my spring break, I joined a few of my Tyler favorites in Shreveport for a night of ridiculous fun. This is Anna, me, and Kendall in front of the Million Dollar Wall at the Horseshoe Casino.

The last full month of school before the big G word (graduation). Although it included my FIRST blog post, April obviously saw a lot of lasts for me including my last HIS Inductions. Here is the (active) family tree at Inductions Spring 2010.

Graduation. No doubt one of my proudest moments this year, if not THE most.

CAMP! My 12th year there! My 11th full month. You could say I'm a camp addict and this year was by far my favorite as a counselor. Although it technically happened in July (only the first 2 days), Hurricane Alex ruined Round-Up so we smooshed it into ONE DAY all in Harrison Hall. It was insanity, but amazing. I was honored and completely shocked to receive the award for Silver M Old Counselor. My new friend, Katye, got another award given to counselors named after one of the first camp owners, the Ag Award.

Eventful month! My mom and I went to California, got stuck there after ridiculous Continental's issues, and then saw Lady Gaga with Kendall and Art as a late birthday present (and ran into my favorite Amanda sisters)!

My first August NOT to be in school. CRAZY, right? I went to Fort Worth to celebrate Maggie and Allison's birthdays. Here's me, Trevor, Clay, Sara, and Bry at Capital.

The month where every other weekend was a wedding! And TCU started their path to purple reign (and another perfect season) at Cowboys Stadium.

After watching all summer, SYTYCD finally went on tour and I loved it! I also got to see my grand-little from HIS and a few of her friends. Becky and I proposed a photo op to our favorite SYTYCD season 7 hunk, Robert, and he liked it! I also experienced my first TCU homecoming as an alum, but kissing Robert on the cheek is my October highlight.

Another randomly short month for me. TCU football played its last home game in Amon G. Carter Stadium as it was before being demo'd for a $105 M renovation. Here's my last shot of the west side before it went down three weeks later.

It's been a busy month! TCU found out we're going to the Rose Bowl, several of my friends graduated from their respective schools, Christmas (obviously), Tacky and Tasteful 2010, Christmas PJ Party, and after several years my best friend from elementary school, Anne, and I reunited! And it's not even over yet!

Hope your 2010 has been as fun as mine, and that I'm not the only one who feels like it started last week. What were your favorite parts of your year?

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