Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer 2010 Movies

I'm a huge movie buff. Ok, let's face it, I love all forms of entertainment! So naturally, I get really excited about the summer movie releases. Tis post will be dedicated to the movies I plan on seeing this summer!

Iron Man 2 - May 7 - Saw it the other day. It's so good! Can't wait for the eventual third movie and although I'm not as into the spin offs, I'll be anxious to see those as well. Robert Downey, Jr., I love you, thank you for cleaning up your act (and getting so buff)!

Shrek 4 - May 21 - The first three Shrek movies were fantastic. I feel like this one won't be quite as good as the others, but I will enjoy seeing a fat Puss in Boots. Not to mention Craig Robinson (Darryl fromt The Office) is the voice of an ogre in this Shrek installment. I'd post the trailer with him in it, but YouTube is lame.

Sex and the City 2 - May 27 - I absolutely loved the first movie! And Aidan is back for this one, which makes me all giddy! As much as I love Mr. Big, there's just something about Aidan. I guess Aidan was more real to me than Mr. Big. I'm excited for that story line.

Prince of Persia - May 28 - I honestly has NO interest in seeing this movie until recently. It looks pretty hott... And Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely one of my favorites! We'll see if I actually see it in theaters though, I have a feeling no one else will want to see it.

Killers - June 4 - I will be praying the June movies I want to see do well so that I can see them after camp. Katherine Heigl does great in chick flicks. Her comedic timing is awesome. Add in Ashton Kutcher and I get the feeling it'll be a match in chick flick heaven.

The A-Team - June 11 - I'll admit it: the only reason I want to see this is Bradley Cooper. Can you blame me?

Toy Story 3 - June 18 - I think I might be a little TOO excited for this movie. Toy Story and toy Story 2 were two of the best movies of my childhood and I love that the writers wrote TS3 about Andy growing up and going off to college (making the timeline realistic). I'm hoping the Kerrville movie theater will stay open later than 9:30 to show a few movies because this will be one I'd race into town on a night off to go see.

Eclipse - June 30 - I'm really kind of upset that this is starting in June, I'm not going to lie. It'd be way more convenient for me if this started in July.It will be the first Twilight movie that I won't be seeing at midnight and I'm really surprised at how upset about it I am... But regardless, I will be seeing this as soon as I get home from camp.

Despicable Me - July 9 - I'm so curious about this movie. I saw the first preview for it at the Harry Potter midnight showing LAST June. It's got a great cast of voices and I'm wondering how it could NOT be funny.

Step - Up 3D - August 6 - The original Step Up was great. I don't remember seeing the second one, which says a lot about it if I actually did. However, Adam Shankman (one of my favorite judges from So You Think You Can Dance) produced it. AND two of my favorite dancers from SYTYCD are in the movie (Joshua and Twitch from season 4)! And Alyson Stoner, the girl from Missy Elliot videos in the EARLY 00's, is definitely in it and I love watching her dance. Ok, let's face it, I love dance movies.

Eat, Pray, Live - August 13 - I haven't read the book, but the movie looks great! So does the food in the trrailer.

The Switch - August 20 - Saw the preview for this at the Back-up Plan and knew immediately it was going on my must see list. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman? I'm thinking this is going to be a match in comedy heaven.

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