Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Memorial: The Cute Green House on University

As you know, I graduated 15 days ago from TCU. Along with graduation come moving out. My birthday was mother's day and the day after graduation. That day was spent packing up clothes, decorations, movies, toiletries, etc from my room into my car (and my mother's car) and driving it back to Tyler. On Friday, my mother and I drove back and took back two of our three cable boxes and awaited my father and one of his friends to get my furniture into the bed of his truck and a trailer. When I walked through our cute little green house I was overcome with sadness and memories.

The Cute Green House

My roommates (Amanda and Stacey) and I decided to live together near Christmas of Sophomore year. They had lived together for a semester Freshman year and I was unsure of what I was doing to Stacey invited me to live with them. We had originally planned to live on campus in the apartments, but TCU decided that rising Juniors weren't cool enough to stay on campus so we started discussing off-campus options. A few of my friends had decided to go off campus together and were looking for houses and apartments. They signed their lease shortly before my roommates and I decided to go rent house hunting. I asked Brigitte for her list of nixed houses and saw one that was too good to be true: 3 bed, 3 bath, on University, walking distance to campus. I called the landlord and we visited the house the following week.

Living Room Pre-Move In

We signed the lease shortly after the visit. We moved in slowly over the summer and then in the fall of 2008, started our two year adventures in that house. It had MANY flaws, but was pretty much perfect for three college girls. Amanda and I were a little more than 5 minutes walking from our major's building and Stacey was probably about 7 minutes walking distance from her's. Amanda and I often were able to walk together to Moudy, if not the same class. It was the perfect location.

Over the past two years, the three of us bonded and grew closer as friends. Amanda would come up and say hello to me every morning and afternoon and random other times through the window in the kitchen. Stacey would pace in the kitchen while studying for various tests and eventually a few high kicks were added to her pacing routine. Our cute green kitchen became the hub of the house where I would sit in my desk chair, Amanda would stand at the window, and Stacey would stand between the doors of the kitchen or be cooking and we'd talk.

The Kitchen from My Room

On my way home from the Fort on Friday with my mom, she said, "You don't live in Fort Worth anymore. You don't have a Fort Worth address." It was so sad. Fort Worth became a home away from home for me over the past four years (but especially the last two) and while I hope to return there in the next few months when I get a big girl job, I'm in limbo. I live in Tyler with my mom. In a few days I'm going to camp for a month for the last time. Everything sounds so final right now, but I know that it's only the beginning.

So I wrote this post to memorialize our time in the Cute Green House on University. May the girls that move in enjoy you as much as we did.

The Roommates at My 21st Birthday Party

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