Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Ode to My Charm Bracelet

Oh, where is my charm bracelet?
Oh, where is my charm bracelet?
Oh, where oh where oh where oh where oh where!
Is my charm bracelet?

With 4 days left in Tyler, I've started digging up random things I need at camp like my 3 year counselor ring, random James Avery jewelry, a little rug for in between my bed and the bed next to me, and of course my charm bracelet. However, I can NOT find my charm bracelet. I saw it last July 2009 and now it's missing. I found my ring and since I got it in 2008, it usualy stays in the same 5 in radius as the bracelet. But this just isn't so right now. I've looked all over the top of my dresser. Picked up and shaken every James Avery box I own (white and orangey-salmon) and I can't find it. I'm quite distraught. If you have any suggestions of where to look, let me know!

Update @ 9:45PM
FOUND. My mom knew it was at the back of a random drawer... It's safely sitting on top of my trunk now.

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