Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Humpdayyyyy Update

What day is it? Hey, guess what day it is!


Since I'm actually on top of grad work this week, I thought I'd give you guys an update.

Grad school is a major time suck. I don't know what I do with all of my time, but I use it up. It's insane. But I am still alive and I've made new friends, which is nice, obviously. Gotta have your people no matter where you go.

I went home over the weekend to partake in eating fair food with my friends and to see one of my bestie's baby bump! By the way, one of my besties is preggers!!! I cannot wait to meet the little nugget and snuggle him/her. We've still got 6 months til that happens, though. But I ate my weight in fair food this past weekend and I've been trying to recover ever since, hahaha. So much fried deliciousness.
mmmm, funnel cake...
My mom is planning on a visit in about a month and I can't wait! The Fort Worth zoo has not just one, but TWO baby elephants right now and I'm dying to see them! I haven't been to the FW zoo (or any zoo, really) in about 4 years, so it's beyond time. And then I'll go again in November when my friends come visit, too!

This weekend is one of TCU's big rivalry games, SMU, aka the Battle for the Iron Skillet. It's supposed to rain and I swear it rains every.single.year. on the day/night we play SMU. It rained last year. It rained my senior year. It might rain this year. Ok, so that's not every single time, but I swear, at least half of the time it rains. But my plans are to go. Maybe it won't be as hot if it's raining...?

Then it'll basically be October which is going to be my busiest month for grad school. I'm dreading it, but I'm really trying to be on top of my stuff and start early on things I can. Here's hoping I don't keel over... Especially because I'd really like to see those baby elephants. And get a new iPhone. There's so much to live for! hahaha but really, October will be stressful, but at least I'll have Fall Break thrown in there somewhere, even if I will have to do homework.

I hope you're all doing well out there in blog land. I've been lurking and have stayed on top of a few of my favorites, just little time to post.

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