Friday, March 29, 2013


The other night, a few friends and I got together for a little homemade dinner and laughs (we're hilarious, trust me). My friend, Lindsay, provided the main entree (some DELISH sandwiches), a veggie, and some deviled eggs and I made some Funfetti brownies. But I have to tell you about these sandwiches. She found the recipe on Pinterest, so I'm sharing the pin so you can all make them. They were SO good and look super easy to make.

The recipe calls for only ham, but Lindsay made some turkey sandwiches, too. I ate the turkey and it was delightful. I'm not a cheese fan, so she left the cheese off of a few for me (which I greatly appreciate), and they were SO good. They're called Funeral Sandwiches, but these are anything but depressing. The marinade/glaze on them was so good.

And deviled eggs are a good side for anything, let's be real.

Have you ever tried this recipe before? Does it look like something you'd try? I'll definitely be trying these on my own some time (and Lindsay says they're her new go-to party food).

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