Monday, September 17, 2012

BAH! Life Update...

BAH! Is how I currently feel.

I took the GRE this morning. I think it went fairly well. I'm still waiting on the writing score and I've decided if that's a decent enough score, I won't take it again. I sent my scores to my top two schools for Ad/PR and the closest grad school (literally, it's a less than 5 minute drive from my mom's house) if I do just straight up communications. I guess I've unofficially started the application process!

My poor step-sister has mono. She's been in and out of the hospital for dehydration and high fevers and other crap that comes along with being SUPER sick. I think her two surgeries over the summer killed her immune system and at some point she's been around mono and it just attacked. It's awful. My step-mom took her out of the hospital yesterday after many frustrating encounters and she's at home resting, but is still feeling pretty poopy, so I'd appreciate (and I know she would, too) some good vibes and positivity sent her way!

And now to my little nugget of a dog. He's been licking his front right paw off and on since late April. I went to the vet FOUR times for it between April and June. For TWO whole months he left it alone. Then we went back in mid-August when it flared back up. Last Sunday he licked it until it bled, a first. My mom and I decided a second opinion was in order, so last Monday we visited a new vet. Loved her. Super sweet and really personable (not something I was getting from one of the vets at the old office). Told me what kind of food he should really be on (aka not puppy food since he's a year and a half old). Actually told me a diagnosis (lick granuloma - look it up, it's super gross. Nappy's isn't that bad, but still). Talked to me about it all. Told me to get him an inflatable collar (not a cone of shame). Things were great. Until he made it bleed Saturday night (when I actually got the inflatable collar). And again tonight (after I was nice and took it off of him for 15 minutes before bed time).

Sept 15, 2012 - avoiding eye contact with me after I bought an inflatable collar for making his paw bleed #corgi #sad

I'm just frustrated beyond belief with this whole situation. I know it's awful for him because he can't tell me what's up. And I of all people (er... mammals?) know how awful it is to itch constantly since mosquitos seek me out anytime I'm outside. I just don't know what to do. I've researched a little and found a DIY for dog sock suspenders. Sounds crazy, but I'm going to make them. It's all I can figure to do for now along with the inflatable collar.


If you fur mamas out there have any suggestions I'd be eternally grateful!

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Ashley said...

Oh wow I'm sorry to hear about Nappy! I would feel the same way you do. I wish I could offer some advice but I haven't experienced anything like that with pancake. Thinking about your stepsister and crossing fingers for your GRE :)