Wednesday, September 21, 2011

RIP Hippo

Stay tuned for a ridiculously sappy and pretty stupid post about a dog toy.

Well, Nappy has single-handedly destroyed his first toy. Once upon a time, when Nappy was all of 4.3 lbs (back in July when I got him), I gave him a hippo. He was fluffy and grey and had pretty pink ears and tusks(?), and a nice squeaker. Fast forward two months to today and poor Hippo has seen his last day.

Nappy with Hippo and Frog

This morning I knew Nappy was playing with hippo and I could hear him gnawing on something, but as I am every morning, I was in my own world. When I looked up, there was stuffing in a little trail leading over to Nappy and Hippo. It was a sad moment as puppy mom, but I'm glad I've been on the hunt for a new hippo for about two weeks, fearing the end of Hippo I.

Hippo I

Hippo II

Hippos II and I

Rest in pieces, Hippo I. You were an excellent toy. Good luck, Hippo II.

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