Friday, September 23, 2011

New Dreams in Life

Last week I joked on Twitter about wanting to become the gatekeeper at Mystic, the camp I've loved and attended for 13 (technically 14) years. A newer camp friend of mine tweeted back that I'd have to get in line behind her for the job and I replied that we could rebuild the gatehouse for a couple of us to live in (because if you've seen it, let's be real: it's tiny).

Today though, I was thinking seriously about what I could do with my life since obviously nothing in the job department seems to be working out these days. Then it dawned on me: where's the camp store in Tyler? For the past few summers at Mystic, girls of all ages, including counselors have been sporting the cutest t-shirts from a little camp store in San Antonio (about an hour drive from Mystic). This store doesn't just do camp stuff (because then they'd only have business for about 4 months of the year), they do hometown/neighborhood school shirts and shorts and other cute stuff to cheer on the home team.

Why couldn't I do that? In Tyler? It's funny because one of the ladies who owns this little store is actually from Longview, about 45 minutes away from Tyler. She was super nice and if I needed help or had a question, I'm almost positive she could answer it (especially since we wouldn't necessarily be competing from 5-6 hours away from each other.

But seriously. There are 2 major camps here in East Texas that tons of kids go to. There's Mystic, Waldemar, and Longhorn, where I know for a fact tons of Tyler kids go. There's two public high schools and a good number of private schools. I could make some cute shirts for the drill teams and cheerleaders. And then on top of selling school stuff year round, I could make some cute camp clothes and sell other cute camp accessories. And since I'll always be tied to Mystic somehow (Sarah will be an aide this year aka her last year as a camper for those of you non-campers. I have a little second cousin there too who's still got 8 years as a camper left), I'll always have an "in" with the big camp trends.

It's just a matter of if I can really do this and the fact that I have ZERO money to do this. But seriously, I could totally do this. Plus I have a degree in Ad/PR so marketing would be a cinch, right? We'll see. This is totally a dream right now, but who know in a few years. This would be an excellent "mom" job (aka something to do when I'm a mom and hopefully my kids are going to camp). But I'd love to do it now too... I guess we'll just have to see.

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