Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Note from the Crate of Napoleon Bone-apart

Hello, it's Napoleon again! I'm having so much fun these days!

Last week mama took me to my first puppy class! We've been practicing sitting and coming to mama and lying down and all sort of neat tricks. I made three new friends: an Irish Wolfhound named Odie (like the dog in Garfield mama said), a lab puppy who is really hyper (I don't remember her name), and a puppy smaller than me named Spoons. Odie was very shy last week but I think he seems pretty cool. I wasn't so sure about the lab and Spoons at first so I hung around in the corner at first. Then I warmed up an liked playing with Spoons. The lab puppy was too crazy for me.

Last weekend mama took me on a trip to Fort Worth where we stayed with her old roommate, Amanda, and her dog, Paris. I liked Paris a lot. She was a very pretty mini American Eskimo. She didn't share her toys very much, but we had fun rolling around the apartment and chasing each other. When mama wasn't looking I tried to eat Paris' food. It was delicious. Saturday night we went to the dog park with Paris and another Amanda and her dog, Ollie. Ollie is funny. He's 2 and very grumpy sometimes. I wasn't so sure about the dog park at first, but after a while I got adventurous and explored a little bit and played. Mama got a lot of compliments on how cute I was by lots of people. Ollie and Paris wore me out all weekend. I was so sleepy before we left and then I slept the whole way home and most of Sunday evening. I was still sleepy on Monday!

Last night was our second puppy class and the lab and Spoons weren't there. Instead, there was another puggle-like dog there and Odie made his return. Odie was more friendly. The puggle-like puppy kept wrestling with me and biting my ears and it hurt, but I'm ok. I also discovered that I can fit through the holes in the fence the put up in our corner of the building for puppy class. Mama wasn't too happy with that. I just wanted to play with the Springer Spaniel on the other side. We learned how to lie down from a standing position and we got to play with squeaky toys in class! I really like puppy class because I get lots of treats and lots of lovin's. I feel very smart at the end of class.

Stay tuned for more of mine and mama's adventures! We have four more puppy classes.

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