Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who Knew?

Who knew that at 22 you could be so old? I went to the doctor last week and they decided to take some blood. Now let me tell you, I am SO not a fan of having my blood taken. When I was 14 I passed out after they pricked my finger and ever since it's been an ordeal for me when I go to the doctor and they take blood. I've been lucky that in the past few years they haven't had to take blood, and since I don't donate blood (due to the passing out), I haven't had it taken from my arm, aka the big kid way. So Thursday was my first experience and being pale definitely came in handy as well as the fact that I got really lucky with the lady that did it. She kept me distracted and talking about how I want a dog, dogs with diabetes, etc. I didn't pass out, but I did feel yucky. Well, they've discovered some new things about me because of this.

I'm anemic! Yay (sarcasm). So now I'm on the quest for an adult vitamin, with iron, that isn't ginormous. The big reason I didn't graduate to an adult vitamin when I was too old for kid vitamins is because adult ones are all HUGE. Seriously. But this is probably an explanation for why my body reacts the way it does when I have blood taken, which I guess, is nice to know. However, I'm not looking forward to going to this new doctor where they will again take my blood the big kid way.

I have border-line low thyroid... ism? I don't really know how to phrase that, but basically this is probably why I'm always so tired. And the tiredness is probably why I feel like I've been super sensitive to random things around me in the past few months (I mean in addition to being stressed out about the big girl job search).

And as for the big girl job search, I'll update you tomorrow - I don't want to jinx anything today. But this weekend it hit me how ready I am to move out and have my own routine (a real one, not this unemployed routine) and organize my stuff because right now I don't know where half of my stuff is because it's been packed since May.

So basically, I'm old at 22, I'm ready to move out and get a puppy (because I found the most perfect one last week), and someone needs to hire me. Welcome to GrownUpLand...?

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