Thursday, January 27, 2011

If It's Not Broke...

There's an old saying: if it's not broke, DON'T FIX IT. In the past few months there have been a random group of companies changing up their logos. Why? God only knows.

Gap was the first, or the first that I'm aware of, October last year. The former (and still current because of the backlash from the new) logo was/is CLASSIC. A navy box with GAP written in a serif font. Everyone knows when they see a navy box, it's Gap. However, someone who had probably been using photoshop for about a week decided to come up with this and for some strange reason, Gap loved it. Everyone else? Not so much. Not even close.
When Gap leaked their new logo out for the masses, the reaction was astonishing. To Gap. I don't know a single person that liked it, personally. I hate it. The old (and still current, thank God) wasn't broke, so why'd they try to fix it?

A month later, Urban Outfitters declared a new logo. Since I've been to Urban a total of maybe 5 times in my life, I'm not as familiar with the old logo (thus I can't describe it off the top of my head, like Gap), but I believe it was something like this:
To me, like Gap's, this is classic. It's simple, you know the store's name pretty immediately. However, just a short month (almost to the day) after Gap's unsuccessful redesign, Urban came out with this and while it's not nearly as bad as Gap's, it's still not the best. It looks like I made it in Word with the word art function. When I was 14.

Now I know Starbucks has redone their logo, but all they've done is zoomed in on what's in existence and removed the words. Not to mention, I kind of like it. No, you don't actually READ that it's Starbucks, but I think they've been around long enough, most people recognize the little green mermaid.

Today, NBC/Universal announced a logo change. No more peacock. Am I the only one that loved the cute little peacock? He's (or she's) presh and brightly colored which is always fun. But today this beauty (read sarcastically) was released.
Yes, it's more simple than the rainbow peacock, but I'm pretty sure they've used the peacock long enough that everyone says, "Hey, NBC!" when they see it. Maybe they did it to incorporate Universal more in the corporate branding, and from what I hear the peacock isn't disappearing from TV, but still. I just don't understand.

If it's not broke, DON'T FIX IT. What are your guys' thoughts?

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