Monday, January 31, 2011

My Dad, the Blogger

Many of my friends have heard me talk about my dad. Some are even his friends on Facebook! Yes, my dad is on Facebook. And no, I'm not creeped out by it like some kids are of their parents. A big reason is that my dad still thinks he's in high school and/or college a lot of the time. He does fireworks in the back yard, goes fishing and hunting with his friends for weekend get-a-ways, and dresses like most of the frat-stars you encounter in any college setting. Not to mention he is one amazing cook - chili and grilled ANYTHING are his specialities. Maybe I'm biased because I've grown up on his cooking, but seriously, good food.

Earlier this afternoon, my dad called to tell me he loves reading my blog and ask me a few questions about how to set his own up. Not only does my dad have a Facebook, now he has a blog. He's been a free-lance writer for one of the magazines in town a few times and those articles were hilarious. As he figures out how blogging works (and after I set him up with a better background haha), I'm sure you all will see why I love my dad SO much!

My dad and me 4-wheeling, 1996

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