Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts this month. My life is REALLY uneventful right now. I've applied for jobs. I'm not getting any responses, which is becoming not only depressing but just plain maddening. I did find my Halloween costume, so that's fun. And my phone has become increasingly unreliable at home, dropping calls left and right. SO annoying.

However the next three weekends should not be uneventful! This weekend is Tyler's famed "debutante" ball, the Texas Rose Festival. My family has a cousin escorting one of the girls this year, so naturally we are attending just about everything. Not to mention two girls I've gone to camp with for a LONG time are duchesses in it this year so it will be nice for a little dose of camp in the midst of the Rose Fest madness.

Next weekend is TCU homecoming and I am thrilled to get back to the Fort for TWO nights and just be with college friends. Why they picked that game for homecoming, I'm really not sure since it is the third game in a row at home. But whatever, it'll be a great game (we're playing Air Force who is surprisingly amazing this year)!

Then the weekend following that is Halloween! Art and Kendall will be holding their third annual Halloween party complete with pumpkin carving earlier in the week. I've decided I really want to carve a horned frog in my pumpkin, but have yet to decide how that will work...

Anyway, these events are knocking on my door and I'm thrilled because I love fall! Not to mention, I won't be nearly as boring with these things in my life.

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