Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Short and Sweet...

Ok, am I the only one in the world who is tired of Taylor Swift? I really can't be the only one. Her new album came out yesterday, but the hype for it has been building since her last album came out. Maybe it's that I'm single and bitter and all of her songs are about finding love and whatnot, but seriously. Am I alone? In the past 24+ hours I've seen about a million and a half statuses on facebook/tweets on twitter about listening to Speak Now and how no one can decide what their favorite song is. News flash: they're the same 15 songs as were on her first two albums.

T-Swift is a cutie. I love her first few songs. I wish I had her fashion sense and my hair would curl like that. But damn, the girl needs to take a break like Kanye took after their incident at the VMA's 2009.

My rant is now over.

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