Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rocky Horror Glee Show... And the Original

So pretty much as soon as the preview for next week's Glee aired last week, I got on Amazon and bought Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD. It got here Friday and my mom and I watched it that night. My mom and aunt used to go to the midnight shows all the time in the late 70's/early 80's and have fun yelling at the movie (not dressed up, but I'm sure the people watching there is almost as great as my Lady Gaga experience). Now, I made her sit still and quiet for my first viewing and all I can say is, "What did I watch?" haha - it was good, but several people have told me to watch it more than once, which I fully plan on doing. "Time Warp" was probably my favorite part of the movie and this article gives a preview of Glee's with the original just below it. I'm SO excited.

Kendall called me yesterday to see if I wanted to do a Girls' Night In watching Rocky Horror since we've been planning on making an event out of seeing the movie before the Glee-pisode. So my second viewing should be later this week. I'm really excited for the Glee version. Especially since Uncle Jesse, aka Dr. Carl will be singing in a leather studded, Elvis inspired, Meatloaf-ish costume.

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