Friday, August 15, 2014

The Final Countdown

As summer comes to a close, I've decided to count down my awesome summer. Especially since I've been SUPER M.I.A. in blog-landia.

11 books I've read from start to finish so far this summer. Wanna be my friend on GoodReads? Got a book suggestions for me?

10 days until school starts. This will be my last year of school. I will not get a Ph.D. God bless those of you who do.

9 weeks since I moved into my new (quieter) apartment.
My "gallery wall." Still not 100% on it...
8 years since I started my Freshman year of college - what the WHAT?!

7 years since I was a Deb. Now my sister is! Can't wait for October (Texas Rose Festival)!!!
Dress rehearsal, summer 2007
6 days since the Hot Mess Express Weekend of 2014 (my friend Brigitte came to Fort Worth for the first time in almost 2 years. 3 nights straight of going out. I'm still pooped!)
At Studio 80 with Maggie and Brigitte
5 months until my last semester of school ever starts.

4 times I've seen Lady Gaga now. I've seen her every time she's come to Dallas. Love or hate her personally, she puts on a damn good show and it's worth every penny of that ticket. Plus there's EXCELLENT people watching.
This was my actual view of part of her catwalk. So close.
3 years of being a mom to the cutest, bestest Furbaby ever.
Nappy and Ol' Ripp at TCU
2 weeks until the best time of year: College Football Season. Go frogs.
Panorama from the first game last season. Hot. As. Balls.
1 full week of working at my AWESOME internship left. Then I'll be doing some part-time interning during school. So glad I found this amazing opportunity and met the awesome people there.

How was your summer?

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