Friday, June 6, 2014

Signs You Went to Camp Mystic

Inspired by Helene's 25 Signs You Went to Ursuline and camp starting tomorrow, I've decided to compile a list of signs you may have gone to Camp Mystic. I've posted about Mystic before - it's one of my all time favorite places. I might be old now, in camp terms anyway, but I'll always be a camper at heart.

1. Tribe Drawings is still one of the most nerve-wracking nights of your life.

2. You crave Blue Bell ice cream every day after lunch during the summer.

3. You've seen the sun rise from Sky High (pictured above).

4. You love the sight of the Mystic sign when driving down Highway 39.

5. You can recite camp cheers and songs in your sleep.

6. You crave Mystic birthday cake and consider refrigerating your birthday cake every year.

7. You dream about getting married on the banks of the Guadalupe River.

8. You can correctly spell and pronounce Guadalupe thanks to KT Info.

9. You know that a walking or running a mile at camp is from the Office to the Gate to Bug House and back to the Office.

10. Climbing Senior Hill is both the most exhausting and fun thing in the world.

11. Same applies to Tribe Hill.

12. You've taken Tribe Hill for granted and miss it dearly when you don't go up there twice a week.

13. You've tried to predict CC Day (so well, in fact, that the Big 3 have had to move it no less than three times).

14. You know that CC might actually stand for Camper-Counselor, but it could also be Crazy Chaos or Coke and Candy.

15. You've eaten at the Hunt Store (yum).

16. You've gone to James Avery Headquarters in Kerrville and reveled in the freezing cold A/C.

17. You look forward to living without air conditioning in the middle of the Texas heat.

18. Coffee Cake is on Saturday mornings.

19. You've memorized the term schedule down to the food you'll eat on the last night: Messy Face Cake for dessert!

20. You know what a Messy Face Cake is and what it's for.

21. You ended up going to college with at least one of your cabin mates even if you didn't intend on doing so.

22. It doesn't take you very long to turn any TNM song on the radio into a camp acceptable song.

23. You know what TNM stands for.

24. At one time you feared the phrase "U for You," but learned to laugh at it with your counselors.

25. You keep in touch with your counselors as much as you keep in touch with your cabin mates.

26. You're convinced that your age group's memories of camp are better than any other age group's.

27. You've held your breath during War Canoe Races.

28. You know that War Canoe bruises are intense and take all summer to fully heal.

29. At a certain point, you've memorized the other tribe's cheers and songs, but you're not totally sure when that happened.

30. You've looked for your family member's name on the ceiling of Idiot's Delight and Memory Trail.

31. You've left your mark on camp grounds somewhere... possibly against Tribe Training Rules.

32. Ten years later, you still have and remember inside jokes with your cabin.

33. You've tried to skip Tribe Period. And failed.

34. You're upset that you miss at least one major movie opening weekend every year.

35. Giving up your cell phone for a month sounds terrible, but it's really not so bad being unplugged and in the Mystic Bubble.

36. Blood makes the grass grow and Bombardment is not a joke. Not even CC Bombardment.

37. You've had to promise your non-camp friends that it's not really a cult.

38. You're always on the look out for cute whites for Sunday.

39. Wearing your charm bracelet on Sundays is like carrying a small child with one hand.

40. This list was entirely too long but you can still think of at least 15 more things to add to it.

Anything I should add? Anything pertain to your camp from my list?

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Olivia said...

I love this Frannie! And you have it spot on. I wish I was there right now :) The only think I would add is something about Camp Trends...Duck tape bracelet ;) Love you bunches CC