Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Broke.

What's this Spring Break everyone is speaking of? I've had an alarm set every morning of mine so far. So Now I'm feeling a little whiny.

Saturday, I had a paper due that night, so I got up to finish it and turn it in early. I also had other stuff to do before I came to my mom's for a few days.

Sunday, I set my alarm to do some more homework and the time had changed. However, I like Springing Forward because the sun doesn't disappear at 5 pm and it's one step closer to summer. I'd rather lose that hour that gain it back in the fall. And this winter has been miserable. I think most of you would agree with me on that. If I can't handle this winter in Texas, there's no way I can ever move further North. Sorry.

Monday, Nappy got groomed for the first time in nearly three months. Why do groomer's want you to drop your dog off so early? I don't understand. I did get to play with a sweet baby girl that afternoon, though, so that's always a plus. She even spit up on my hand, isn't that sweet? Definitely ignited the Baby Fever fire again even though I'm not ready. At all. I think I just know so many Preggos right now, I'm ready to play with babies for hours... Until they get fussy and/or need a diaper change. (Side note: I have never changed a diaper.)

Today, I got my hair cut for the first time in months. Woah, did it need it! Then I stopped by my old work to drop off a baby gift since one of my co-workers is due next month and I'm missing her shower this week. Like I said: BABY FEVER. Good thing I have a pup to come play with at home.

After that, I came home and had lunch and then went to a doctor's appointment. The dread building up was so much worse that the actual appointment. Ugh. But then I got to take the best nap I've taken in days.

Tomorrow, I was planning on heading back West, but it's supposed to be windy and that would require setting another alarm, so I'm pushing it back a day. Not to mention, I get to see Lindsay one last time before BB comes! BB is due to make his grand appearance next Friday. I canNOT wait to meet this sweet boy. He has the best parents and a TON of people who already love and adore him. Again: BABY FEVER.

Also, I finished reading Chelsea Handler's newest book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, and it's hilarious. I'm seeing her with a few of the grad school girls in two and a half weeks when she comes to Grand Prairie (between Dallas and Fort Worth) and I'm hoping the other girls will want to get books signed or take pictures because I'm dying to have my book signed. This will only be my second comedy tour (I saw Dane Cook 5 years ago and he was HILARIOUS - I mean, obviously). If you haven't picked it up yet, I highly recommend it. If you haven't read any of her books - DO IT NOW.

I hope those of you out there that still get spring breaks are actually getting to enjoy your break. In grad school it's just a week where you do 9 more hours of work because I don't have to go to class every night...

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