Friday, November 29, 2013

Why Grad school is Actually the Hunger Games

After some particularly harrowing weeks of school and Catching Fire finally coming to theaters, I've been inspired to write this blog post comparing the Hunger Games (books.movies/scenario in general) to my short time in grad school.

That being said: SPOILER ALERT. If you haven't read the Hunger Games series, you really need to get on it ASAP. And go see the movies. But read the books first.

During the first week, you actually have stuff due. It's still "syllabus week" like in undergrad, but you're expected to have shit done already. It feels like coming up into the arena for the first time after you've just possibly said goodbye to your stylist for the last time.

During the first month, some professors expect you to already know what your thesis (or project) will focus on.

There's that one person in your program that ruins things for everyone else, naturally everyone starts an alliance against this person. We'll call them the Career.

If you're lucky, you have an awesome professor that everyone loves. They'll help you with your projects and be genuinely interested in your success in school, not just their class. This person is like your mentor and sponsor.

Of course, not all the professors are awesome. Some dislike you for no reason.

Sometimes you feel like you're in a literal fight to the death. With yourself. And the worst feeling is knowing that you've done this to yourself...

But you make great friends.

And you surprisingly laugh. A lot.

So maybe grad school isn't always completely like the Hunger Games, but some weeks it is. I'm just glad I've got my grad school besties by my side to help me.

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