Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Burning Pews

Fun title, right? I'll get to it in a minute. I'm back for a (late-ish) weekend recap!

I went home this past weekend for the first time in about 6 weeks! It was a very relaxing weekend... Mostly.

Friday morning, Nappy and I woke up super early and headed East. I had a haircut appointment at 11 and it was beyond a necessity. I hadn't had my hair cut since mid-July. I sat in class Thursday night looking at all of my split ends - not cute. After my much overdo hair cut, I stopped by my old office to say hi to everyone and visit for a few minutes. Two of my co-workers announced they were pregnant right before I left so I finally got to see their cute bumps! (Side note: EVERYONE is pregnant right now. I'm just married to my school work. But seriously the class of 2032 is going to be huge.)

After that, my mo and I grabbed some lunch and headed to the Junior League of Tyler's Christmas Market, Mistletoe & Magic. It was a total bust, except I found a super cute ornament for my bestie who is preggers (yep, pregger #3 of one post - these girls are all due 4 weeks apart from each other, too) and her hubby. After that, my mom and I stopped by this cute little cookie place and got a half-dozen snickerdoodles for me to bring back to FW. Seriously, so good.

Sister 2 Sister cookies. Delish.
Saturday was by far the busiest, and most fun, day I was home. We got up and took Nappy to the vet because he got groomed Thursday and they did something new and he got a staph infection. Poor baby, he's on the mend now though, no worries. After a quick glimpse of the TCU-ISU game, I got ready and headed to the chapel for a wedding. Here's where my fun title comes in...

TCU pulled out their win in the last seconds of the game (keeping us in the race for bowl eligibility, at least for the time being) and I may or may not have been trash talking and checking my phone for updates during the ceremony. Sorry, friends. Didn't mean to set our pew on fire. I got to see all of my wonderful Tyler friends and we had a blast at the reception afterwards. Not to mention we got to see two of our friends get married which is always a good time!

Kendall, Anna, Amanda, me, and Lindsay
After the reception, I went home and got comfy and watched part of the Texas A&M-Miss State game before Lindsay and Chad invited me over to look at all the cute baby clothes they already have and their new apartment! Why are baby clothes SO stinkin' cute?

Then we headed out for a delicious dinner at Villa Montez with the whole gang. Their mojitos are delicious but strong. About 3/4s of one does me in pretty good. After dinner, Lindsay and Chad took me to a cute little soda and candy shop that recently opened. It's one of the neatest places I've ever been to and they make their own soda! I got a bag full of candy and bought Lindsay and BB (our nickname for the baby since they won't tell us what they're naming him yet) a giant Laffy Taffy.


Candy and Soda Shop fun!
I was going to leave Sunday, but I decided to stay one more night since I only have night class on Monday to worry about. Sunday was very low key, just hanging out with my mom and having breakfast for dinner - yum.

That was my weekend. This coming weekend, my friends are coming to visit me and we're planning on going to the Zoo to see the baby elephants and other random baby animals because the FW Zoo is having a baby boom! Plus the FW Zoo is amazeballs. I can't wait to show them the coolness of the Fort and take them to all the yummy restaurants. Ok, maybe not all because I have a list a mile long, but definitely some of my favorites.

How was your weekend?!

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