Thursday, November 21, 2013

Almost Home Free!

I'm officially on Thanksgiving break. I've got the whole week off! I'm so thankful I've kept my sanity in tact (for the most part) through this first semester of grad school insanity. Even though I'll probably spend a majority of my week working on my final projects, I'm so excited no have have anywhere to be or anything to turn in for an entire week.

To celebrate the (unofficial) end of my first semester of grad school, this week I will be seeing Catching Fire with my friends at home, doing a little shopping, playing with Nappy a lot, and going to the TCU-Baylor game with my Baylor alum bestie, Katie. I ended up having the hook up for seats AND parking for the game and even though Baylor is going to smack the pants off of TCU to cap off the most disappointing season in 10 years, it's always a good time with me and Katie.

Maybe during my time off I'll be inspired to write an actual post that is interesting and not completely boring like this.

I hope those of you that get the entire week off enjoy it! Happy Thanksgiving!

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