Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting In Shape!

Well, I finally thought about something to blog about: being out of shape. However, I want to try and stay positive after this little tid bit of negativity: I've gained weight living at home. My stomach is getting bigger and my arms are getting flabbier. This is not ok. At all.

I plan on getting a gym membership at the closet gym to me: at one of the local colleges. I have no motivation not to go most days because it is less than a mile from my mom's house. Plus it's only about $50/month for non-Alumni to join and since I now have a small income that's easy to manage! I honestly thought I'd have moved out by now (with a full time job, obvs) and I planned on working out in the mini-gym at whatever apartment complex I lived in. However, I'm still at home sitting on the couch day after day looking for a full time, big girl job.

Anyway! I'm looking for good workouts some of you bloggy people like to do! Since I'm new to working out, I need easier things to start out with. I'll also need really good music to load up on my iPod! I've pinned a few things I could do around the house, but I need easy-ish things that target my arms (for sure) and belly for me to do at the gym.

What's your favorite thing to do at the gym?

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