Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Effing Name Is...

A new website was brought to my attention tonight on twitter. My F***ing Name Is... For those os us with "strange" names.

I've written one up and am *this* close to hitting send on their website, but I'm holding back because while my name is funny and deserves to be fully recognized on this site, it's not too common and I'm afraid of being stalked or somehow it biting me in the ass when it comes to the big job search.

Here's what I've got for my first name:
"First off, my name is Frances. Spelled like the multiple of France. Not Francis. I'm not a boy. It is not my last name. It's my first name. Very few people can call me Fran or Frannie. And yes, I do prefer Frannie to Franny. Not Fanny. That's never ok. Not Frank or Franky. And for the record, I don't know how Frances rhymes with Precious or Princess. But somehow to some people it does."

Maybe I just need some liquid courage? hahaha Maybe not. But I'm dying, because this website is hilarious.

Do people misspell your name?


not hallie said...

I know how you feel about it being not so common. And without your last name...your story is not complete. I'll have to post mine on my blog!

not hallie said...

I meant to say, your name is so uncommon - I understand not wanted to post it so publicly. Don't think I made that too clear up above.