Monday, March 28, 2011

Real Love

I'm at an age where I'm going to weddings of friends I grew up with, met in college, met recently and have absolutely bonded with in an instant, etc. The point is I'm going to weddings. And I'm single. I don't want this post to turn into one of those "I'm single, boohoo" posts, so hear me out.

Last Monday my family got a very unexpected phone call that flew us up to Missouri and took us from Texas' near 80 degree weather to the verge of snowing in Missouri for five days (we drove the length of Missouri and back on Friday and did actually drive through a mini-blizzard). Anyway, through this unexpected turn of events, there was a lot of looking at pictures and scrapbooks. There was one scrapbook in particular of my step-mom's parents (my adopted grandparents) that chronicled their love in small town, MO, at the age of 13 to their 50th wedding anniversary in 2004, in a larger city, but not the largest city. They were the cutest couple I think I've ever seen.

This got me thinking. Sure, by this time in all three sets of my grandparents' lives they were married and had had one of their children, each. No, I'm not ready to be married and have a child. Not. At. All. However, these sweet pictures (and one very intense love note that I didn't read but heard about a few times while up in MO) made me want this kind of relationship. I want to find my sweetheart and fall absolutely head over heals in love. If you've seen pictures like this of your grandparents (or even great-grandparents, which I still have a full living set of) you know what kind of love I'm talking about.

It's made me impatient to meet my sweetheart (I don't like the phrase "soulmate" because I think that can apply to best friends as well and I think I've found several of those). Impatient because I want to know who he is, where he is, what he does, where he went to school, everything (because at this point I'm about 75% sure I haven't met him, but then again, who knows?). But if this is going to take time, I'm willing to put in some waiting.

Before the new year I posted about wanting a boyfriend, not necessarily THE ONE, and that's still true, but like I said I've become impatient for the love all three sets of my grandparents (and probably my great-grandparents) have/had. I'm going to stop because I'm getting all ramble-y and I feel like this could take a turn for the "I'm single, boohoo" worst. But I hope you get my point. I want a sweetheart, a real love, that I honestly spend the ret of my life with. And I'm willing to wait for it. It won't be easy. I'm already impatient. But it's exciting!

Rest in Peace Grandpa Feaster
So many people miss you already.

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Bethany Sexton said...

So sorry about your loss. You also happened to make your way up to Missouri just after some really great warm weather and caught this cold front. Wish better circumstances had brought you up this way and to better weather.