Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Friday +Exciting News!

First, let's all send some thoughts, prayers, good vibes, etc. to Japan, Hawaii, and the West Coast in light of Japan's ridiculously huge earthquake and the following tsunami(s) affecting the entire Ring of Fire in the Pacific.

Now, for Favorite Friday! Britney Spears album, Femme Fatale has been leaked. I have yet to hear any full songs other than this, but this is uber promising. I cannot wait for the full album on March 29! I'm really hoping she does a tour for this album because I heard the Circus tour was insane. Without further ado, here's "Drop Dead Beautiful."

Exciting News?! YES!!! I can officially add freelance marketing consultant to my resume. I've been helping my dad plan his 35th HS reunion and now I have a couple of little projects for one of the hospitals in town. This weekend is one for celebrating! It helps that tomorrow I'll be at a wedding for two of my friends from TCU and then out to Art's house for a typical Saturday night. How am I celebrating today though? By starting on my two new projects! It feels good to have something legit to do, although I'm sure I'll find myself on Facebook and Twitter when I get bored (Old habits die hard, man).

Oh and I promise next week's Favorite Friday will NOT be about Britney Spears. I'll even try to make it not about music. Two weeks of BritBrit is a lot for people who don't like her as much as I do. And next week sometime I'll blog about Lent (yes, it started Wednesday, but I figured I'd do a weekly update on how it's going).

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