Friday, October 2, 2015

Not So fUnemployment

Here it is, October. The real start of fall. I mean, it even feels like it in Texas. At least in the morning. It's been a week shy of six months since graduation and I have yet to be hired by someone.

I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried or disappointed. I've gone through three different staffing agencies, been on more interviews than I can count, and not one application turned interview turned even second round has turned into a "You're hired! Here's your office/cubicle/desk/WHATEVER." And yes, the job market is BEYOND better than it was 5 years ago when I finished my Bachelor's. I could barely find jobs to apply for, let alone get called back for an interview. I've had SO many interviews. It's a confidence booster that people want to talk to me for a bit. Then comes the soul-crushing no.

I know, I know. I have the rest of my life to work. But it's hard to feel like yourself and like you have a purpose if you're constantly getting rejected either by a "No" to your face, a "No" in e-mail form, or just straight ghosted. Never been ghosted? You're clearly not online dating or looking for jobs. Ghosting usually applies to the dating world, but it definitely applies to unprofessional professionals that say "You'll hear from us either way" and then drop off the face of the earth (unfortunately, the act of ghosting is not as cute or fun as the ghost emoji or snapchat logo).

Around month 3 is when FUNemployment turned fUnemployment... That was also the time I started BINGEING on YouTube. And I mean BINGEING. I watched at least 30 hours in the first 3 days I got onto YouTube. I'd always been a fan of a select few like Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend, Julien, and a few of his friends. But my friend Amanda was into Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig, and Hannah Hart (aka the Holy Trinity). Then I discovered Flula, Miranda Sings/Colleen Ballinger, Glozell, Zoella, and Tyler Oakley. Then I read the Holy Trinity's books. Now I'm waiting for Tyler's book to come out later this month. I follow them on Snapchat. I follow them (and some of their dogs) on Instagram and Twitter. A week or so ago, Jenna Marbles started following me back on Twitter.
The Girl Code by iiSuperwomanii featuring lots of wonderful, funny people

Watching these people's lives was fascinating and a distraction from my own, namely that hellish job search. Amanda and I have a fantastic idea for a YouTube channel of our own. However, we need a camera, and SD card, a ring light, etc and ALL of that costs money. Starting her own job search around the time of my YouTube-ducation, we are BROKE as JOKES. So the channel is on hold. Money obviously is one half of the equation. There's also the factor of not wanting potential employees to find said channel where we may or may not plan on drinking and may or may not act like the complete weirdos we are and decide we're crazy and/or immature or whatever adjective they might decide we are based on a 7- to 15-minute video every other week or so that they watch about 2 second of before passing judgement.

So for now, I'm a 27-year-old, overeducated, female mooching off my parents, wishing I got paid for interviews because I'd have a couple hundred extra bucks in the bank if so. I've also decided I want to write a book. I've read my fair share of funny females' books in the past couple of years and I'm totally capable of writing some of my thoughts down. I mean, I'm doing it now. Not that there are many of you reading, but whatever. It's cathartic.

Anyway, I hope you're not taking your job for granted. And if you are on this beautiful Friday afternoon, remember my little story. I'll gladly switch places for a few weeks as long as I get your paycheck. No, seriously. my bank account is looking like a kid from District 12 in Panem.

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