Monday, October 5, 2015

Good Sports Luck

It's a little known secret (at least on the internet) that I am good luck for my sports teams when in attendance for BIG games. This is a newer phenomenon as I am a new-ish sports fan. I mean, I went to most of the football games in college and a handful of baseball games, but I've only started actually understanding these games in the last 4-5 years.

Anyway, back to my good sports luck resume:

  • I have seen TCU baseball punch their ticket to the College World Series twice now, including 11 of 22 innings in 2014 and a 16 inning game in June this year.
  • I have gone to two college football bowl games (Rose Bowl 2011, Cotton Bowl 2014) and the teams I cheers for came out victorious.
  • And now I can add watching the Texas Rangers win the American League West division to that list!
  • And watching TCU football beat the absolute crap out of the UT Longhorns the day before is also going on that list.
This weekend was homecoming and I got to see so many friends! Homecoming in high school was always kind of boring, right? In college all of your friends go back to your favorite place and hang out wearing your favorite color(s) and it's just a wonderful time. Also, when your team beats the "big brother" of your state (if you're not the "big brother," that is), it's always an added bonus.

Sunday, I woke up still happy from TCU beating UT for the second year in a row (which hasn't been done since my dad was a BABY) and the third time in four years (our QB is the only TCU QB in history to pull off this feat, y'all). I proceeded to get up and get dressed because it was baseball gameday in America (and Canada... North America?) and I had a date with the Rangers.

Naturally, Snapchat has a Dallas story going on so my goal was to get on it with some Rangers snap videos. Womp Womp, didn't quite manage too, even with my GENIUS snap of SANTA dancing to some Queen during a pitcher change for the Angels. I'm sorry, but if Santa. who is rooting for your team, dancing to Queen can't make the snap story, I don't know what will.

Anyway, the Rangers absolutely KILLED the Angels after hitting in 7 runs in the 7th inning and now they take on Toronto on Thursday! WOO!

How was your weekend? Are you good luck for anything specific? Like getting your friends jobs? That also might be me (everyone around me, mom included, has gotten a new job lately so hi, it's my turn, right?).

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