Friday, October 3, 2014

Exciting Month Ahead!

Hello, October! I've been waiting anxiously for your arrival! It's going to be a jam-packed month o' FUN!!! :)

This weekend: Friday night is the So You Think You Can Dance Tour with my mom. We skipped last year (it was the same weekend as a friend's wedding out of town, boo), so I'm really excited! Plus, I LOVE RICKY UBEDA. Oh and we might be seeing a movie called Gone Girl this afternoon. Have you heard of it? I can't wait! I think Ben Affleck is going to PERFECTION at playing Nick Dunne.
Saturday is tailgating and playing Oklahoma! Go frogs!!! And Sunday night a wonderful artist by the name of Jason DeRulo is performing on campus. FOR FREE (for students and a plus one). So my friend Maggie (who loves Jason) and I are going to that to dance the night away. I also told her to make a move on him since he and Jordin Sparks are splitsky right now.

Next weekend, my grad school bestie, Caty, is getting married! I'll experience my first Catholic wedding so that'll be cool. Then we'll dance the night away and celebrate C&J! TCU will be playing Baylor in Waco which should be a crazy game.

The weekend after that, I'll head east for the Texas Rose Festival's Cirque de la Rose themed festivities for my seester. I saw the headdress of her costume last weekend and it is GORGEOUS. She named it Gordo. Pictures to come, guys. I can't wait to tell you all about it! I'll have to follow football from my phone since TCU will be taking on Oklahoma State for the first time in the Fort since joining the Big 12.

Then the last weekend of October should be somewhat relaxing and enjoyable since TCU will be playing Texas Tech. So hello, tailgates! And go frogs, as always.

And then, it'll be HALLOWEEN!

And THEN, I will be presenting a paper I wrote last semester on Social TV at a conference on social media hosted in Fort Worth by Tarleton State University. Yep, my paper got accepted to a conference! Crazy and exciting.

So here's to October and the beginning of November!

Also countdown to graduation is around 217 days right now. Not that I'm so excited for my birthday (27 sounds so old), but I'm beyond ready to have my Masters and be done with school.

Hope all is well with you in Blogland!

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