Sunday, February 2, 2014

Two Truths and a Lie: Revelation

The other day, I linked up with Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars for a Super Bowl themed post! I told two truths and a lie: football edition and I'm here to reveal my truths and lie.

Here's a refresher...

1. In college, I had a class with Andy Dalton.
2. One of my elementary school teachers was the sister-in-law of Joe Montana.
3. Johnny Manziel is my cousin.

Now for the big reveal! *drumroll, please*

1. TRUE! I did have class with Andy Dalton. I was in sophomore comp with Andy Dalton in Spring 2008 after his first starting football season. Little did I know back then that he'd help TCU get to two BCS bowls back-to-back and be instrumental in the stadium renovations and TCU to the Big XII, even if he was no longer at TCU when those two things happened.

2. TRUE! My third-grade teacher was Joe Montana's sister-in-law. How crazy is that? She loved Elvis and we played Elvis-opoly on a regular basis.

3. FALSE. Johnny Manziel is not my cousin, but we do share a birth place: Tyler, Texas! And for one year, he went to the high school I graduated from. Then his family moved to Kerrville, just down the road from one of my all time favorite place, CAMP!

Now let's go watch some ads! Oh, and I guess football, too. Go Seahawks!

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