Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Review: 2013

I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon and telling you the highs and lows of 2013!

In January life was pretty uneventful. I did see Lady Gaga for the third time, just two weeks before she had to cancel her tour because of a broken hip.

In February I didn't feel too great for most of the month. My dad got a new puppy, though! Riley is a precious pup.

March was kicked off with a week's stay in the hospital for me because I had an abscess! No wonder I felt so crummy in February. While staying at the hospital for so long was a definite bummer, I was so glad to know why I had felt so bad in the weeks leading up to it.
As crappy as March started though, it ended with phenomenal news: I GOT ACCEPTED INTO GRAD SCHOOL!

April was also fairly uneventful. There was a lot of hanging out with friends and me being excited about grad school.

In May, I turned 25! I had a double party with my bestie with some of our bestest friends (and cookie cake!) and two-stepped the night away! I saw my second-ever Rangers game and checked out a new outlet mall in Grand Prairie.
I also got to celebrate on of my college roomie's engagements and meet her then fiance (now husband) and catch up after almost 3 years! (I'm so good at Facebook stalking that I'm actually really bad at keeping in touch with words.)

June was one of the more exciting months of my year! I got to see Shaping Sound, a dance company started by two So You Think You Can Dance alum, perform in Dallas. A few days after, I saw my seester graduate from high school and leave for summer school in Galveston all in about a week and a half's time.
I also got to go to Fort Worth to celebrate Stacey's bachelorette party with fun and friends!
And I got to be artistic with Lindsay at Pinot's Palette and paint a peacock!

The first few weekends of July were the calm before the storm full of cleaning and packing before my lease started! I got to fly to North Carolina and see Stacey get married!
Following my weekend in Raleigh, I came back to Texas and met my furniture at my apartment the day my lease started! And the following weekend I moved with the pup - he loves our apartment.

In August, I started grad school. To celebrate I threw it back to my first day of Kindergarten.
With a new chapter of life comes new people to meet and friends to make! My grad school friends are amazing and I don't know that I would have made it through my first semester without them.

September started with Lindsay and Chad announcing their baby boy due in March 2014!!! I had known for about a month after having THREE dreams where Lindsay was pregnant (I have pregnovision).
September is also the month that college football takes over. Even with TCU's depressing season, I had a blast at the games.

In grad school, October means stressed out and no fun. I spent October glued to my laptop and books, studying and writing papers, and having little to no fun. I did help Panda celebrate her 26th, though! It was so fun catching up with her.
And my mom came to Fort Worth and we went to the zoo to see the baby elephants and baby jaguar! The Fort Worth Zoo is amazeballs and had a crazy baby boom this summer. I'll never outgrow the zoo.

In November, I got to come home for Amanda and Jonathan's wedding and see all of my friends!
The next weekend my friends came to see me and I gave them a mini-tour of Fort Worth and my favorite places, which included going to the zoo again!
To end November, my Baylor bestie, Katie, and I went to brunch and the TCU-Baylor game (which ended up being a much better game than anticipated) and had a great day!

December arrived and brought a hot, hot dude you might know as JT and some FRIGID temps.
I also successfully completed my first semester of grad school and came home to spend time with family and friends for Christmas!

Although 2013 started out kind of rough, it ended up being an awesome year! I can't wait to see what 2014 holds for me and my friends (I definitely see a sweet baby boy in the Spring)! Happy New Year, everyone! STAY SAFE TONIGHT.

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I hope this year is your best yet!