Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dream Journal?

So since I've been out of the hospital (over a month now, yay!), I've had trouble sleeping. I'm on a ton of medicine and I know at least two of them have sleep-related side effects. When I went to my GI two weeks ago, I asked if there was something I could take to help me sleep better at night. He told me taking melatonin (I had asked specifically about that) was fine, but Benadryl might work a little better. So for about a week and a half, I took Benadryl before bed (followed by about an hour of reading the Maze Runner series). Now it might be a combo of the Benadryl and this series, but I'm currently attributing it solely to the Bendryl, but I've had some WEIRD dreams. I thought I'd make a small list of some of the dreams (or fragments of) for your enjoyment, because there's some weird stuff.

  • something about a tone deaf singer walking around downtown Fort Worth
  • planning a dodgeball tournament with some frat boys at Texas A & M (where I've never actually been - I think it has to do with my campers making their big college decisions all over facebook)
  • seeing one of my campers (who recently decided on TCU) at Hobby Lobby and meeting her ENTIRE family (I'm talkin' aunts, uncle, grand parents, cousins, etc)
  • I found my several of my campers (one of whom is one of my favorites) doing drugs on a curb outside of a Hobby Lobby
  • something about Dance Moms and Chloe (I was definitely stalking the girls on Instagram before bed so that's why this happened)
  • Something about missing school and when I went back I couldn't remember my schedule and when I finally got to class we all sat in bathroom stalls...

Also, I quit taking Benadryl for a few nights (and replaced it with melatonin) and the weird dreams continued. I don't even know, you guys. At least it's keeping me entertained?

Do you ever remember your dreams?

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