Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wedding Season 2016

Long time no blog, right? Well recap: I graduated, spent all summer and fall looking for a job and received an offer the week of Christmas! I had a temp job or two somewhere in there too, but a full time offer came through right before Christmas and I started the second week of the new year! YAS!!!

Now I'm smack-dab in the middle of wedding season. Literally invited to FOUR weddings and a wedding shower this month alone. Two weddings were today and i wished more than anything I could've been in two places at once (and been able to afford sending one of my selves to Chicago).

Being in this time of my life and being SINGLE AS FUCK (pardon my French), I have a LOT of thoughts regarding my future wedding. Basically, I want it to be a big ass dance party full of some of my favorite people throughout my life. Childhood friends, camp friends, college friends, grad school friends, and family all coming together, wearing cool clothes, drinking some drinks and dancing their asses off.

Seventh wheeling it. Classic.

I'm not going to lie. Tonight's wedding was not the most fun. Not for lack of trying. I just am single, and the friends I was with don't dance. I was more than a little disappointed. I rocked out the whole way home this morning and then to the wedding, thinking off all the songs I want my DJ to play at my wedding. I also tweet ranted about how my future husband's stamina on the dance floor better be TOP NOTCH and realized how thankful I am for my camp sisters and TCU froggy friends who all know and helped instill in me the importance of a good dance party complete with the best hits of the 80s and 90s boy bands!

So dear future wedding, you're a long way away right now, but I've been dreaming of you for a long time. With the advent of Pinterest and the great wedding season of 2016, I have BIG plans. HUGE plans for you. I hope you're not as far away as I think you are, but I know the timing needs to be just right. 

I've re-entered the online dating world recently. Not ideal and ghosting sucks. But one of my best friends just got engaged to a wonderful man she met online and I'm in a wedding next fall for a friend who met her fiancé online as well, so I have hope.

Me online dating like "are you lost?"

It's just tough for the time being. It seems like I'm the only single girl left and I'm a competitive person. It's one of my absolute greatest flaws, comparing myself and competing internally with those around me. But I know the wait will be worth it. One of my favorite songs, thanks to Lena Dunham and her HBO show Girls, is "Past Lives" by BØRNS ( is how I'll end this blog...

"Through all of my lives
I never thought I'd wait so long for you
The timing is right, the stars are aligned

So save that heart for me
Cause girl you know that you're my destiny
Swear to the moon, the stars, the sons, and the daughters
Our love is deeper than the oceans of water

Hey I need you now
I've waited oh so long yeah
Baby love, I need you now
I've waited oh so long"

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