Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore... And Will Wear!

I've seen so many cute What I Wore posts and I finally feel cute enough to post one! Yay!
pleated poppy

This weekend my mom and I drove over to Dallas and saw one of the concerts of our lives: Coldplay. Chris Martin is crazy and I'm a little bit in love (Good job, Gweneth Paltrow. You got yourself a winner!). He is so full of energy and really keeps the crowd entertained. Coldplay is up there with Lady Gaga for best concert ever. The atmospheres are so different it's impossible to honestly tell you which was better. They're both amazing and I'd go see them again in a heartbeat. No concert will top them, I'm convinced (unless MJ comes back from the dead or, according to my mom, Pink Floyd gets back together and goes on tour).

top: Kohl's in Fuchsia Blast
shorts: JCrew in Casablanca Blue
shoes: Target in Black

Everyone in the audience got a little wrist band with LED lights that Chris Martin basically controlled and would make them sync up with the music. It looked like a HUGE Christmas tree inside American Airlines Center. It. Was. AWESOME.

Especially because my wristband matched my cute outfit (mine's on the left, that's my mom's on the right)! Woohoo!

This weekend is finally camp closing and I get to be reunited (even if for a VERY short time) with the BEAUTIFUL Texas Hill Country - it's seriously Heaven on Earth. And most importantly, I get to pick up my seester!

I've been planning what to wear for MONTHS. It's not coming to fruition quite the way I'd like, but I'm still going to be super cute!

dress: LOFT in black (even though it's not listed on here... I also have it in the Blue Grotto though)

Are you loving the summer styles, too? I love how colorful everything is and how light and flow-y the dresses are!

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